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Portland Police Chief Objects To Oversight Changes

Portland Police Chief Michael Reese is resisting changes in the way allegations of police misconduct are handled.

Reese says he agrees with many of the changes introduced at last week’s City Council hearing – but not all of them.

 For starters, he’s not confident that it’s necessary to allow the Independent Police Review Division to directly question and compel testimony from officers. He says the current system works well.

“The DOJ and IPR both agree we are currently conducting v good investigations,” says Reese. “Our internal affairs investigators get to the heart of matters. They’re perceived as being fair both by citizens and [by] the officers.”

Reese also objects to a proposal that would require him to explain his decision in writing if he rejects the police review board’s recommended discipline for an officer. He says he’s concerned officers’ personal information could become public.

Either way, Reese says, both of the proposed changes would be subjects of mandatory bargaining.

City Council is expected to return to the issue of police oversight on December 4th.



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