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Portland Police Investigate Mob Action On Hawthorne

Portland Police are investigating an incident last night, when a crowd of people flooded a busy commercial area in Southeast Portland. At its height, the group reportedly included as many as 50 to 75 people.

Lt. Robert King of the Portland Police Bureau says this wasn’t quite the same as a flash mob, where kids plan on the Internet to meet up. He wouldn’t speculate about how it started, but said officers are starting to get an idea of what happened at 35th and Hawthorne, and who’s to blame.

King said, “We do have some investigative leads. A number of officers responded, given the calls we received. I think what’ll be very helpful to us today is surveillance video from the various businesses along Hawthorne.”

King says some of the people involved were wearing masks. Some in the groups smashed windows at banks, and one area drug store.

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