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Portland Police Issue Expensive Reminders To Yield For Pedestrians

A few Portlanders got an expensive reminder of the penalties for not yielding to pedestrians Wednesday.

About once a month, city transportation officials join forces with police to remind drivers about crosswalk laws.

Wednesday's operation was at the intersection of Northeast 47th and Multnomah. Police cited 21 motorists for not yielding to pedestrians. That carries a $240 fine.

Sharon White is with Portland's Office of Transportation. She says the crossing laws apply to bikers as well. But she says pedestrians have some responsibilities too.

Sharon White: "It might be courteous act for the driver to stop for him or her, but the Oregon crosswalk law doesn't come into effect until the pedestrian made a motion to enter into that crossing."

White says pedestrian crossing laws are valid even when there are no crosswalks. During the enforcement operation, transportation officials place signs and flags warning drivers of it up to a block away from the site.

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