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Portland Police Re-Open Southeast Precinct

The Portland Police Bureau officially re-opened its precinct in southeast Portland Thursday. But that doesn’t mean the budget problems that closed the office, are resolved.

Former Police Chief Rosie Sizer closed two of Portland’s five precincts in 2009. She faced a two-and-a-half percent budget hole.

But Portland Police Sergeant Pete Simpson says, neither the cops nor the local residents wanted the move — and they’re happy about the return.

“It’s an opportunity for the neighborhood to have a police presence there that they haven’t had for a few years,” Simpson says.

The building isn’t technically going to be its own precinct. It’s a sub-station of east precinct.

It’ll only be open between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. And it’ll house the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, Portland Crime Prevention and the property crimes and burglary investigators.

Simpson says the move is being made cost neutral by simply rehousing existing resources and staff. But meanwhile, Police Chief Mike Reese has proposed the elimination of 56 officer positions in response to a city request for a 4 percent budget cut.

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