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Portland Requires 90-Day Notice For Rent Increases

This Sept. 13, 2011, photo shows a house for rent and for sale sign in front of a home in Portland, Ore.

This Sept. 13, 2011, photo shows a house for rent and for sale sign in front of a home in Portland, Ore.

Rick Bowmer/AP

The Portland City Council voted Wednesday to require landlords to give tenants more notice before rent increases and evictions. The city has only required a month’s notice in the past.

The council said it was taking action in response to Portland’s low vacancy rates and rents that have climbed about 15 percent in a year — a higher increase than any other city in the U.S.

Ninety days notice is now required for no-fault evictions, and for rent increases of more than 5 percent a year.

The council also discussed a proposed $25,000 tax on home demolitions.

The intent of the new tax would be to help preserve both historic homes and smaller, more affordable housing stock.

In 2014, the average price of a demolished home was $267,000, according to city staff, while the average price of a replacement house was $496,000.

Revenue from the tax would go into an affordable housing fund.

Developers who demolish an old home and replace it with two or more units could get a tax rebate under the proposal. 

Neighborhood activists who showed up to support the demolition tax were skeptical of that rebate, saying it encourages subdividing lots.

And according to council members, the Oregon Homebuilders Association sent a letter saying the demolition tax could face legal challenges.

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales said he will rework the proposal before bringing it up for a vote.

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