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Portland Residents Bring Apartment Parking Issue To Council

Portlanders from several neighborhoods presented a united front at Wednesday morning’s city council meeting against the recent trend toward multi-story apartment buildings that don’t include on-site parking.

People from a number of eastside neighborhoods told commissioners the buildings would degrade neighborhoods with parking and traffic problems. John Urbanowski lives in one of the affected neighborhoods. He says residents aren’t opposed to all new development.

Urbanowski told them, “But the nature of this kind of development that seems not well thought-out is going to create a backlash against infill that’s going to lead to a kind of push-and-shove on livability versus infill, and and it shouldn’t be that way.”

Portland commissioner Randy Leonard told neighbors he believes that multi-story apartments should include parking.

Developers have said the new buildings won’t cause parking or traffic issues because most residents won’t have cars.

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is studying the issue of parking and apartments. It’s due out next month.

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