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Police Investigate PSU Sexual Assault Report

Police are investigating a reported sexual assault of a Portland State University student on the edge of campus.

The 27-year-old female student told police that she was knocked unconscious by a white male assailant as she was walking home late Sunday night. She reported a sexual assault to campus security when she woke up outside her dorm at 3 a.m. Monday. The investigation was turned over to Portland Police.

Scott Gallagher with Portland State University said the student has been offered services through what’s called a “care team.”

“A care team is made up counselors, doctors, security, student affairs – a situation like this occurs, they immediately gather and reach out to the student to make sure the student is being taken care of – that they feel protected,” Gallagher said.

Officials said the student was treated and released Monday morning from an area hospital. Police said the student didn’t know her attacker. He’s described as in his mid-30’s with shaggy light brown hair, unshaven, with pronounced cheekbones.

Portland State publicized the reported assault to students Monday morning. PSU is urging students to be careful on campus, and to call 911 or campus security if they don’t feel safe.

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