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Portland Tech Community Remembers One Of Its Founders

Members of Portland’s tech community gathered Sunday to remember a man known for his contributions to open source computer code.

After a long struggle with depression, Igal Koshevoy died April 9th.

He was born in Moscow in 1975 and spent his childhood first in Israel, then the Bay Area and finally Beaverton, where he attended high school.

After graduating from PSU in 2003 Koshevoy worked at Intel and Oracle as well as a number of start-ups.

Audrey Eschright is with the Stumptown Syndicate, a non-profit that does technology education and outreach in Portland.  She says Koshevoy was a pillar of the open source computer code community.

“He was one of the people who would always be there to greet people, welcome them, help them find their place in the community. Help them understand what resources were available, point them in the right direction.  First and foremost, he was there to reassure people that they belong.”

Koshevoy coordinated several user groups in Portland and helped organize Open Source Bridge  - an annual conference for people involved in the free software.