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Portland Timbers Say Ticket Sales Ahead Of Schedule

As the World Cup enters its third week, Portland’s pro soccer team officials say they’re seeing strong ticket sales. Rob Manning reports.

The Portland Timbers owner, Merritt Paulson says the rivalry with the Seattle Sounders isn’t waiting until the Timbers become a Major League Soccer team, next year.

Sounders’ fans gobbled up 500 tickets to this Wednesday’s game at PGE Park. Paulson says locally, corporate investment and season ticket sales for next year are ahead of schedule.

Paulson: “We’re north of 7,000 deposits right now. And we’re talking internally right now about where we’re going to cap season tickets. We will cap season tickets. I don’t know if we’ll cap them at 12,000, or maybe a little bit above that.”

PGE Park will hold 20,000 people, after renovations are done.

Those renovations will evict Paulson’s baseball team, the Portland Beavers, after this season.

Paulson says even though the Beavers won’t play in Portland next year, he predicts Triple-A baseball will return to the metro area “at one point, or another.”