Southeast Portland residents gathered in protest of the removal of three Sequoia trees on Southeast Martins Street between 36th and 37th avenues Thursday. One “tree sitter” remains in one of the trees Thursday.

Matt Stone, co-creator of the hit Comedy Central series “South Park,” is part of a group teaming up to end a dispute over the potential removal of trees from a Portland neighborhood.

The deal to save the three sequoias in the Eastmoreland neighborhood has been arranged by Portland writer and storyteller Arthur Bradford. He told OPB Thursday afternoon that Stone is providing a substantial sum to help buy the property from developer Vic Remmers.

“I work for ‘South Park,’ the TV show, and Matt Stone, the co-creator of this show … he’s the one putting in a lot of money,” Bradford told OPB.

Organizers in the Eastmoreland neighborhood said a deal was brokered through Mayor Charlie Hales’ office earlier Thursday, with neighbors agreeing to pay more than $500,000 dollars for the land. The deal has yet to be signed, according to Robert McCullough, president of the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association.

McCullough said Mayor Hales called all sides to the negotiating table earlier Thursday.

“(Mayor Hales) is a neighbor, I was a strong supporter of his,” McCullough told OPB.

Neighbors have gathered at the base of the 150-foot trees since Monday, when a crew hired by the developer, Everett Custom Homes, arrived with chainsaws.

On Thursday, police removed several protesters from the property. But an environmental activist remained suspended on a platform from one of the trees.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.