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Portland Tribune: Auditor Says Metro Recycling Hotline Is Overstaffed, Outdated

After 30 years, it’s time for Metro to reassess its use of a telephone-based recycling hotline, which is getting less use each year, according to Metro Auditor Suzanne Flynn.

In an audit report issued Wednesday, Sept. 17, Flynn noted that the number of callers to the regional government’s recycling hotline has gone down each year since 2002, and that few businesses are using the service. Flynn found that most people calling the hotline are from Multnomah County, though Metro also serves urban parts of Clackamas and Washington counties, and that it’s heavily used by older residents and not by younger people and minorities.

Flynn also concluded the hotline operation, which cost the agency $629,000 in 2012-13 and required the equivalent of six fulltime employees, is overstaffed. The average phone specialist handles seven calls per hour, and calls average two minutes, auditors found.

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Metro recycling hotline audit

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