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Health Official Recommends Filtration Plant To Treat Portland Water

Multnomah County Health Officer Dr. Paul Lewis has recommended the City Council approve the most expensive option for fighting a potentially deadly parasite in the Bull Run watershed — a filtration plant instead of one that killed cryptosporidium with ultraviolet light.

In his July 18 letter to Commissioner Nick Fish, who is in charge of the Portland Water Bureau, Lewis noted a filtration plant would solve many more potential problems, including mud from landslides and ash from wildfires in the Bull Run Reservoir, the primary source of water for Portland and many surrounding suburban communities.

“Multnomah County urges the Portland City Council to consider the many health and resilience benefits of filtration over ultraviolet treatment as it makes decisions about improving water quality while also helping the region respond to the threats of climate change and the risk of a major earthquake,” Lewis wrote.

Lewis also cast doubt on the so-called hybrid option of building the UV plant first and the filtration plant later.

Read more at the Portland Tribune.

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