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Snow And Ice Forecast For Portland Again This Week

The National Weather Service is predicting more snow and ice for Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington this week.

Strong winds from the east will bring cold air through the Columbia Gorge and into the Portland metro area and the northern half of the Willamette Valley late Wednesday. 

“Right now, we’re confident that there’s going to be some kind of snow or ice event, and we’re trying to pin down whether snow or ice is more likely and what the amounts would be,” says forecaster Jeremiah Pyle.

Pyle expects some snow to fall from Salem to Southwest Washington Wednesday night through Thursday morning. The current forecast predicts 3 to 6 inches, with some ice as well.

He expects Thursday will be the worst day for travel. Pyle warns that temperatures in the Portland metro area will be the coldest so far this winter. 

“Anything that does fall is very likely to end up staying frozen through the weekend, so we may end up with travel impacts not just during the event but for several days after,” Pyle says.

Or, as the NWS Portland area forecast discussion puts it, Thursday “may be a swell time to go riding in a one horse open sleigh.”

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