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Portland Will Host 2016 Track And Field World Indoor Championships

International track and field organizers announced that Portland will host the 2016 World Indoor Championships. Event organizers predict more than 2,000 hotel rooms will be booked.

The International Association of Athletics Federations considered cities all over the world to host the event. The last two contenders were Portland and Birmingham, England. However, the IAAF Council unanimously approved Portland.

Dana Haynes, communications director for Portland Mayor Charlie Hales, says a combination of factors helped Portland win the bid, including the city’s sustainability and “greenness.”

The people that live here actually understand track and field and celebrate it. That was part of it. Another thing is that we have the tradition here economically of all these track and field businesses that live around here and thrive here.”

Haynes says TrackTown USA is the hosting organization.  It has about a year to determine where the venues will be.

Historically, the event has attracted spectators and media from around the world.

The World Indoor Championships are set to start in March of 2016.

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