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Portland's Expo Center Played Role In WWII Internment

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Photos of Expo Center, MAX station memorial and Henry Sakamoto by Scott Silver
Archive photos courtesy The Oregonian

On February 19th, 1942 President Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 - which would pave the way for Japanese-Americans to be placed in internment camps around the west.

For many Japanese-Americans in Oregon, internment began in Portland.

From May to September of 1942, more than 3,500 Japanese-Americans were housed at the building now known as the Expo Center.

During this time, the building was referred to as the “Portland Assembly Center,” and it served as a temporary home for Japanese-Americans before they were sent to long-term internment camps in Idaho, Wyoming and elsewhere.

Henry Sakamoto, of Portland, was a teenager when his family moved into the Expo Center. He shares his memories.

Sakamoto was sent to the Minidoka internment camp, in Hunt, Idaho.

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Portlander John Nakada shares his experiences as a child in the Gila Rivers War Relocation Center in Arizona.