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Portland's TAG Program Not Up To State Standards

Parents who challenged the Talented and Gifted programs in Portland Schools now have an answer. The Oregon Department of Education has decided that the district’s TAG programs do not meet state standards. Bilal Qureshi reports.

The Department of Education spent two months last year interviewing teachers, students, and parents in 33 Portland District schools. Education analyst Andrea Morgan led the study.

Andrea Morgan: "Not all TAG students were receiving instruction at their personal rate and level of learning. I mean there were some teachers that were doing a fantastic job but what we also found (was) that (it) was not consistent throughout the district."

The 19-page report shows that students from low-income and minority families were also under-represented in TAG programs.

The State has sent its findings to the District, where Matt Shelby is the spokesman.

Matt Shelby: "The next step for us it to really take a thorough review of the order and internalize that, determine what if any, we’re already doing, what needs to be done and make sure that the recommendations are appropriate."

Portland Schools have 90 days to come up with a plan for meeting the state standards.