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Port's Tower Collapse Hastens Environmental Abatement Work

The Port of Portland says the 600-ton tower that collapsed last weekend remains on schedule to be removed. But the environmental abatement work has started early.

The 1960’s conveyor belt tower was used to load and unload bulk ores, like potash.

Port spokesman, Josh Thomas, says it hasn’t been used since the 1990’s and was being decommissioned when it collapsed Saturday.

He says forensic engineers are investigating what happened, but clean-up has started early.

“Like many houses of that era, there’s concerns of lead paint and asbestos, that was fairly common place back in the late 50’s early 60’s. And so part of the abatement process was moved up in schedule because it is now on the ground.”

The pier at Terminal 4 was punctured when the tower came down.

Engineers are examining it to make sure it’s structurally sound. Who will pay for repairs is also being determined.

A new, $9.5 million ship loader has been ordered for the terminal.

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