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Potentially Damaging Bomb Discovered, Deactivated In Boardman

An explosive device was discovered by volunteers Saturday in Boardman during a community-wide cleanup.

As volunteers made their way to Oregon Trail Boulevard, picking up discarded cans and potato chip bags, they discovered a suspicious-looking object and decided to give the police a ring.

Sure enough, the object found 5-6 feet away from the boulevard was a pipe bomb built for damage. Boardman police chief Rick Stokoe said a number of 4-inch nails, used in bombs to create shrapnel and cause harm, were mixed with gunpowder inside the device.

“The device had been constructed to cause severe bodily injury and/or death,” Stokoe said. “Had it gone off, it would have been devastating.”

But community members’ vigilance halted the devastation.

Oregon State Police used a robot to disable the bomb, which is now being analyzed by investigators. In addition to OSP and Boardman police, Morrow County Sheriff’s Office and Boardman fire department assisted in the case.

Stokoe said there are currently no suspects in the investigation and encouraged people to report any information that may be connected to the case.

Contact Natalie Wheeler at or 541-564-4536.

This story originally appeared in East Oregonian.

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