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School Strikes And Labor Disputes

PPS, Teachers Union, Still Stalled

 Portland Public School officials are saying Friday that the teachers’ latest contract proposal is a step backwards.

The two sides largely agree on two key points. Both support keeping health insurance as it is, and on streamlining teacher hiring.

But the Portland Association of Teachers’ most recent proposal to add 175 positions to relieve workload was not well-received by the district. Spokesman Robb Cowie says the district is offering 88 more teachers.

Cowie explained, “We believed that that put us on the road to reaching an agreement. Now, we’re seeing the association asking for additional teaching positions in schools.”

The union says the district offer “does nothing to reduce class size.” The district proposes adding two days to the school year. The union would spend, instead, on new teachers.

The district wants to phase out early retirement incentives, to save money. The union argues the incentive leads to savings, and should stay.

Both sides have said they’re relatively close on salary.

 The chart below illustrates some of the key issues under discussion. Click to enlarge the image.

Rob Manning/OPB


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