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Preparing For Disaster, Oregon Resilience Plan Recommends Changes

A joint committee in Salem heard the results Thursday of an extensive study on earthquake and tsunami preparedness. The Oregon Resilience Plan recommends a series of policy changes and seismic upgrades.

The study found that a tsunami similar to the one that hit Japan two years ago could kill as many as 10,000 Oregonians.

Democratic State Representative Deborah Boone sits on the advisory commission behind the plan. She says the recommendations for new projects were well received.

“Some of the facts are very sobering, and we know that things will cost money, take time, etcetera, but the good news is all these things, is those are jobs.”

Boone says many state agencies at the hearing testified in support of the plan and said they would implement the recommendations for their sectors.

The Resilience Plan works in tandem with many of the existing plans for seismic upgrades in the state.


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