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Prince, Yes That 'Prince,' Pays For Portland Musicians' Trip To NYC

The recording artist Prince is donating the proceeds from his Portland performance last month to help local young jazz musicians travel to a competition in New York.

The donation goes to the American Music Program’s Pacific Crest Jazz Orchestra

That ensemble is made up of 7th through 12th grade students in the Portland area. 

The group backed up Esperanza Spalding on her grammy-winning album, City of Roses.

The gift will cover travel expenses for the ensemble’s trip this weekend to the Essentially Ellington Competition and Festival at Lincoln Center. 

The annual festival was created by renowned trumpeter Wynton Marsalis to celebrate the music of Duke Ellington.

American Music Program Founder and Creative Director Thara Memory hopes the experience will give his students a different vantage point on the music they love and the role they’re playing in its development.

“Portland, Oregon is not the world.  In fact, it is far from the world.”

The Pacific Crest Jazz Orchestra was one of just 15 finalists selected for this year’s competition.  This will be the group’s 3rd appearance at the festival.  Performances will be streamed live from the website

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