Apple is proposing a new data center in Prineville.

Apple is proposing a new data center in Prineville.

Courtesy of the city of Prineville

Tech giant Apple has submitted plans to build a third data center facility in Prineville.

Apple’s proposed expansion comes as construction of the company’s second data center is already underway. If the plans are approved, Prineville will have a total of six data center facilities — three belonging to Facebook and three belonging to Apple.

Mayor Betty Roppe said she loves to see the data centers expand. But the influx of construction workers and electricians have put a squeeze on her city’s already tight rental market.

“They need housing, and they don’t have housing available. And we’re working on it, steadily. It’s just that we don’t have the solutions yet,” said Roppe.
The city and Crook County are looking into options to expand RV parks and a number of other potential housing solutions for workers.