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News-Review: Prisons Official Says Death Row Digs Not So Bad

Death row inmates enjoy more freedom than some other prisoners, an Oregon prison official claims in a response to a Douglas County killer’s request to be taken off death row.

Jesse Stuart Fanus was sentenced to death in 1999 for murdering famed Marine flying ace Marion Carl while burglarizing Carl’s home near Glide.

Fanus, 34, has remained on death row, even though the Oregon Supreme Court in 2012 overturned Fanus’ death sentence, ruling jurors didn’t hear enough about Fanus’ deprived childhood before meting out death. A new sentencing hearing has been set for February 2015.

In the meantime, Fanus wants off death row. Rebuffed by state prison officials and state courts, Fanus is suing in federal court to force Oregon State Penitentiary Superintendant Jeff Premo to move him into the general prison population.

Read more at the Roseburg News-Review.

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