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Problem Arises Over New 'Barefoot Bandit' Charge

There’s a problem with one of the two new charges filed against the ‘Barefoot Bandit’ in Washington state: He already pleaded guilty to it.

Colton Harris-Moore gained international notoriety as he led police on a two-year game of cat-and-mouse in stolen cars, boats and airplanes. His run ended in 2010 after he crash-landed a stolen plane in the Bahamas.

The 21-year-old was sentenced to seven years after he pleaded guilty to dozens of crimes in three Washington counties — including stealing an airplane from Anacortes and flying it to San Juan County.

This month, the Skagit County prosecutor, who refused to take part in the broader plea deal, charged Harris-Moore with one count of theft and another of burglary for taking the Anacortes plane.


Harris-Moore already pleaded guilty to the theft, charging him again would appear to violate his right against being prosecuted twice for the same crime. The prosecutor’s office did not immediately return a call and email seeking comment.

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