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Professor Aims To 'Plug Holes' In English Language With A Word A Day

Do you experience the fear of being without a cell phone or a cell phone signal? You have “nomophobia.”

Can clothes get any skimpier than skimpy? Yes, if they’re “kimpy.”

Are you one of those people that just sits on an exercise machine at the gym and talks to people while others are waiting? You engage in “jabbercize.”

These are just a few of the words that Ed Battistella has come up with. The Southern Oregon University linguistics professor wants to plug the holes in the English language by coming up with a new word, every day this year.

Ed Battistella joined me from the studios of Jefferson Public Radio.

You can follow Ed Battisella along on Twitter: @LiteraryAshland

Here are some of the words Professor Batistella has come up with so far this year:

Sesquipediment, n. a very long word that you have to stop and look up.

Fauxobey, v. to pretend to obey a rule or law you disagree with while actually ignoring or subverting it.

Stenchmark, v. the process of comparing everyday smells to malodorous standards, such as feces, vomit, or rotting fish.

Mehme, n. a failed meme, an idea or image that doesn’t propagate endlessly over the internet (from meh + meme.

Velsh, n. onomatopoeic term for the sound of Velcro opening.