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Protester Claims Police Injured Him; Police Say Video Tells Different Story

An Occupy Portland protester says he was roughed up during a clash with police Sunday afternoon. Justin Bridges was hospitalized after police tried to move protesters out of Chapman Square.

Bridges spoke from Legacy Emanuel Medical Center Monday.

  Justin James Video
  Portland Police video of the removal of Justin James Bridges from Chapman Square on Sunday.

“I did nothing wrong. I was never read my rights. Nothing. They beat me for no reason and then released me because they couldn’t charge me,” Bridges told OPB.

Bridges says an officer kneed him repeatedly in the back. He says that aggravated a previous injury, and that he has lost some feeling in parts of his right hand and foot.

Late Monday, the police bureau released a video of the arrest, saying there was “compelling public interest”” in the incident.

The bureau statement says a review of the video, and of video taken by people in the crowd, did not reveal Bridges being struck by an officer.

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