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Protesters, Police Clash In Front Of Foreclosed Portland Home

Protesters clashed with police in southeast Portland Tuesday outside a foreclosed house.

Multnomah County’s forced eviction of a couple drew as many as 70 protesters, according to police.

Trampled signs read, "We Support Our Neighbors," in front of the home in Southeast Portland.

Trampled signs read, “We Support Our Neighbors,” in front of the home in Southeast Portland.

Amanda Peacher/OPB

Sheriff’s lieutenant Steve Alexander says at one point, demonstrators tried to push officers from in front of the house, using a large sign on a pole.

“They pushed them back towards the house in an attempt to gain entry into the house. At that point, to keep from being run over, officers from Portland and MSCO deployed pepper spray and were able to move them back and re-establish that perimeter on the property,” says Alexander.
One protester was arrested.
Demonstrator Chase Wilson says the failure to get the couple back into the house is not a defeat.

“It’s not over. It’s definitely, definitely over. We’re going to be back. This is part of a bigger effort for housing justice in Portland,” says Wilson.
Lieutenant Alexander says this is the first time he’s aware of that deputies enforcing an eviction have encountered a sizeable protest. 

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