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Protesters Voice Opposition To New Bridge, LNG Pipeline

A couple dozen climate change activists staged a roving protest in Portland Monday.  As Andrew Theen reports, the Columbia River Crossing bridge project and a proposed Liquified Natural Gas terminal were the main targets.

Bridge ProtestProtesters staged some political theatre, pitting sports utility vehicles and cyclists against each other on a new interstate bridge.

They even played the child's game red-rover, but with Hummers and cyclists.  The fictional "Oil Enforcement Agency" ticketed passers-by for their addiction to oil.

Two activists chained themselves to the Morrison bridge. One unfurled a banner saying "6 more lanes equals more sick people."  They were cited for trespassing.

Jen Angel is with the group Rising Tide.   She says the liquified natural gas project and the interstate bridge proposal share a theme:  they affect large segments of the community.

Jen Angel: "On one hand it's about dealing with the fossil fuels issue, but it's also about dealing with communities and individuals that are negatively impacted as a direct result of projects."

Demonstrators also sat in at Northwest Natural's Portland headquarters to protest the gas company's involvement in a proposed LNG pipeline project.