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PSU's 'Glass Tower' And New College Have Arts In Common

Supporters of the arts in Portland had reason to applaud Wednesday, when Portland State University announced two high-profile changes at the downtown campus. 

If you’re strolling down Broadway a year from now, you’ll be able to look up at a three-story glass tower. Through the glass wall, you can watch dancers and actors rehearsing. That’s PSU’s plan.

Jordan Schnitzer’s family donated more than half of the four million dollars needed to build the glass tower at Lincoln Hall.

Jordan Schnitzer

Jordan Schnitzer

Rob Manning/OPB

“This will give that ‘sense of arrival’,” says Schnitzer. “So for everyone in the community and all the students that come every day to all those classrooms, just a wonderful sense and smile on their face, as they enter that space that for our family is hallowed.”

Before Jordan’s mother, Arlene Schnitzer, was an arts philanthropist, she attended high school at the Lincoln building.

At the same time, PSU is elevating its arts programs into a College of the Arts, on par with its colleges for engineering, and liberal arts and sciences.

Administrators say the move will give the arts a boost in national prestige. 

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