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Q&A: David Wu And The Stress Of Elections And Life

Three years ago, Oregon Congressman David Wu was under a lot of stress.  He was campaigning for re-election, but he was also having personal troubles, including separating from his wife. 

So he sought a pharmaceutical remedy.

David Wu: “In 2008, as my marriage was headed for the rocks, doctors prescribed Valium and Ambien.  The Valium was for daytime stress and anxiety.  The Ambien was to help you sleep.  I had a bad reaction to that.  It didn’t sit well with me.”

The Democratic Congressman was hospitalized for two days the weekend after Election Day, and he stopped taking those drugs.  But his troubles didn’t end there. 

Newspaper reports earlier this month detailed episodes of bizarre behavior by Wu.  In an interview with OPB’s Geoff Norcross Monday, Congressman Wu acknowledged he is getting medical help.

The Congressman has said he will serve out the remainder of his term.  Tomorrow on Morning Edition, Wu will talk more about his political future.