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Q&A: New Chairman For Oregon Democrats

It’s a time of leadership changes for Oregon’s major parties.

Frank Dixon

Frank Dixon

Democratic Party of Oregon

Last month, we talked to Suzanne Gallagher: the newly-elected Chair of the Oregon Republican Party.  Oregon Democrats picked their new chairman this past weekend.  Frank Dixon is an attorney, previously the Vice-Chair of the Party, and he joins us on the line.

Oregon Democrats occupy the Governor’s office, most seats in both houses of the Legislature, and all but one spot in the Congressional delegation. Is it wrong to think your job is pretty easy?

There’s an important election next year.  Governor Kitzhaber and Senator Jeff Merkley are up for reelection.  Where do you think the big challenges will come from?

For 10 years, you were the director of Basic Rights Oregon, which is launching petition drives to get a gay marriage legalization measure on the ballot.  Is the state Democratic party behind that push?

When you look at Washington D.C. these days, the relationship between Democrats and Republicans is pretty rancorous.  How would you describe the ability of the two parties two work together within the state?

The Oregon electorate has a strong and growing independent and unaffiliated voting bloc.  Why should those voters go for Democratic candidates?

Frank Dixon is the new Chairman of the Oregon Democratic Party.

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