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Recycled Christmas Trees Keep Giving

Now that Christmas 2012 has passed, some people will already be thinking about what to do with that Christmas tree.

If you don’t have a wood burning stove and sending your tree off to the dump doesn’t sound like an appealing option, you might consider recycling it. Chances are there’s a local organization nearby — such as the Boy Scouts, that will be happy to haul it away for a small fee or donation.

What happens then? Well, it might be off to the wood chipper.

Wade Fagan is an arborist and the owner of Fagan Trees and Chips in Bend. This time of year, he not only gets trees brought in by families, but he also gets the ones that never got sold.

“I get called up by a lot of Christmas tree places and yeah, the Charlie Brown Christmas trees that didn’t make it or the overstock of free enterprise however you want to look at it,” he said.

Fagan says recycled Christmas trees make for great mulch which can help the soil in your garden better retain moisture.

And for that reason he says Christmas tree recycling really can be the gift that keeps on giving.

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