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Redmond Council Modifies Downtown Road Plan

Redmond’s City Councilors met before dawn on Friday to approve a last minute change for a major downtown road project. Work is set to begin Monday on a repaving and beautification project. 



David Nogueras/OPB

It affects about a dozen blocks on what was formerly Highway 97.  The original plan calls for workers to keep one lane open to traffic.  The modified plan calls for closing both lanes at the city’s core during some of that construction period.

The change will shave a month off the project’s completion time and make for safer working conditions.

With both lanes closed, drivers won’t be able to see some downtown businesses from the road. But under the original one-lane plan, there wasn’t anywhere for them to park anyway.



David Nogueras/OPB

Mike Caccavano is the City Engineer. He says the Redmond recently sent out a survey to affected business owners about the idea. 

“We got probably about a third of the business owners responded and close to 80 percent of them were in favor of a shortened timeline, even though it involved a complete closure,” he says.

The project is expected to wrap up by late summer.

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