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Redmond Data Breach Affects 1,000 School District Employees

A recent data breach in the Redmond School District has affected more than 1,000 current and former district employees.

The breach occurred when an employee sent W-2 tax forms for all district workers to an email hacker impersonating the superintendent.

W-2s contain names, addresses, Social Security numbers and other sensitive information.

“It’s caused some anxiety and frustration and fear,” said school district superintendent Mike McIntosh. “We’re trying to manage what I would call the ‘panic’ and allow people some tools to manage this crisis, this event.”

The district is working with the IRS to help employees authenticate their tax forms and is encouraging them to sign up for credit monitoring to help prevent identity theft.

Thus far, there’s no indication there’s been a breach of information.

McIntosh pointed out the breach was limited to employees and their W-2 forms and does not affect students.

The Redmond Police Department and the FBI are conducting an investigation into the hack.

McIntosh would not disclose which staff member sent the sensitive information, but he said the employee notified the district finance manager after he or she became aware of the mistake.

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