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Redrawn County Lines Mean New Local Government For 'Area 93'

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Call it a New Years present, 11 years in the making. Multnomah County is handing jurisdiction of 75 properties west of Forest Park to Washington County.

Planners dubbed it “Area 93” in 2002, when the Metro Council brought the 160 acres into the urban growth boundary.

But after years of study, Multnomah County planners concluded it would cost too much to extend services to Area 93 from the east, through a hilly, rural area. It should be cheaper for Washington County, since there’s already development west and south of Area 93.

In the last several months, Oregon legislators and commissioners in both counties have approved the transfer.

County officials believe it’s the region’s biggest shift in 160 years.

Multnomah officials say it means the loss of about $85,000 in annual property taxes. Area 93 should yield more, as housing develops in the area, under the supervision of Washington County.

Online: Washington County shares information on Area 93.

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