Two very different Oregon colleges rated high in a new study, evaluating which schools are the best “value.”  

Oregon officials declined to comment on the study from the finance group, Smart Asset, because specifics of the methodology aren’t public. But officials tend to agree on the factors it looked at, such as college costs, financial aid, and income after graduation.  

Although Reed College costs nearly $53,000 a year, it’s considered Oregon’s best value because of a few other numbers: the average Reedie gets more than $34,000 in aid, has a 94 percent likelihood to stay in school, and earns more than $44,000 a year after graduating. Reed ranked 32nd in the nation.  

Just behind Reed, at 33rd, is Oregon Institute of Technology based in Klamath Falls. OIT’s sticker price is way lower —  $19,000 for tuition and room & board. Aid packages are a lot smaller, too — but graduates earn more: $57,000 on average.