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Sports Spending Exploding At Northwest Pac-12 Schools

There’s a lot more money flowing toward university football programs in the Northwest.

Chris Zier/OPB

University of Oregon doubled spending on competitive sports between 2005 and 2011, according to the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics. Ducks’ football spending in 2011 hit $165,000 dollars per player.

Only about $6,ooo per U of O athlete came from non-athletic sources. Most came from sources like ticket sales and television revenue.

Oregon State University spent less per player overall, but the Knight report says OSU used more institutional money - at least $30,000 per athlete.

Knight Commission director Amy Perko says the report shows athletic spending at universities is unsustainable and inappropriate.

“Particularly when you look at situations of athletics’ expenditures rising three to four times faster than the academic budgets,” Perko asserted.

The report says athletic spending at all four Pac-12 universities in Oregon and Washington is rising much faster than academic spending.

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