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Report Warns Of Unsafe Toys

The Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group released its 27th annual Trouble in Toyland report Tuesday. As David Nogueras reports, the consumer watchdog group is urging holiday shoppers to avoid buying toys that could hurt small children.

Take a look at these products all in one place and there’s not much to distinguish this scene from the aftermath of a child’s birthday party, minus the wrapping paper. There’s a backpack branded with Dora the Explorer, balloons and an assortment of plastic food with which kids can play kitchen.

But OSPIRG fellow Evan Preston says all of these toys pose some sort risk. Preston demonstrates the noise-making feature on a set of toy car keys. “Kids are going to have these kinds of noises very close to their ears so even if from far away to a parent it might not sound that loud, it can be a potential hazard to the overall hearing loss of a child.”

Many of the other toys on the list contain toxic chemicals, powerful magnets or are choking hazards.

Preston say parents can identify potential choking hazards at home by seeing if an object fits inside an empty toilet paper tube.

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