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2 Dead In Reynolds High School Shooting

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Here’s the latest we are hearing from a 12:15 press conference:

Police confirmed that there was one gunman at the scene of the shooting today at Reynolds High School and that the shooter is dead. There was also one victim who has not yet been identified. A teacher was also injured.

Scott Anderson, Troutdale’s police chief, said that the teacher was treated at the scene. 

Anderson said that a rifle was the weapon that was recovered from the scene that was used by the shooter.

Another gun was found as the investigation unfolded, but it was not believed to be related to the shooting.

Reynolds High School students exit TriMet bus after being transported from the school to the Wood Village Fred Meyer to meet up with their parents.

Reynolds High School students exit TriMet bus after being transported from the school to the Wood Village Fred Meyer to meet up with their parents.

John Rosman/OPB

Officials say they have tentatively identified the shooter, but are not confident enough to release the name.

Police officials say there will be days of healing ahead.

“This is such a tragedy, my heart goes out to the individuals involved and their families,” the district superintendent Linda Florence said.

Florence says “lots of counselors” are available to help those affected by the tragedy. She gave this number to people to call for help: 503-988-4888.

OPB spoke with Virginia Gomez. She has family that is a faculty member.

“Pretty scary. I got a text from her to say that there is a shooter in the building, not to tell my dad, and to just pray. And that was it,” she said.

Reporting live at noon, OPB’s Amelia Templeton said she had talked to two students who heard what they initially thought were firecrackers at Reynolds and then realized “something was going very wrong.” The first student said the sounds were near the school’s gym.

The student witness told Templeton that students were later searched and that another student nearby was discovered to be carrying a gun, but the witness did not believe that person was the shooter.

Zachary Parsons, a senior, was in the computer lab. “They came over the loudspeaker all of a sudden and said, everyone run to the nearest classroom and lock the doors and turn the lights off.”

“A SWAT team came in, and that was scary. They were pointing their guns at us, saying, this is the police, everybody put your hands up.”

Parsons says the students left the building with their hands up, and everybody was searched twice for weapons.

Brandan Smetana is a freshman at Reynolds. He was in the gym when the shooting started.

“We thought it was just firecrackers or something at first. We didn’t think it was a real gunshot,” he said.

“We ran to the gym, laughing. We thought it was a prank. After we heard it again, everybody sprinted to the back hallway in between the weight room and the gym. And we sat down and waited, and barricaded the door,” Smetana said.

The police made the students leave their bags and told the students they were going to search them for weapons.

“They found a guy, who was with us in the weight room, with a gun,” he said.

Smetana and another student reported that a P.E. teacher was grazed by a bullet and treated on site.

Lori Compton, a parent, told OPB’s Dave’s Miller that parents were waiting patiently for the students to arrive.

Compton described what it has been like to wait, “Everybody is just grateful that their kids are OK. It is a good community. Just knowing our kids are OK is what is important,” she said.

11 a.m.

Amelia Templeton is at the Fred Meyer parking lot where parents are being reunited with their children.

Templeton said parents are being told to raise their hands when they see their children disembarking from TriMet and school buses.

She said some parents were texted by their children during the incident.

There is a big crowd of parents waiting to see their children. There are many languages being spoken by the diverse group, Templeton said.

Officials are accounting each and every student. There is an ambulance on scene, but it is there because of the stress and trauma of the event in case it is needed.

10:15 a.m.

Parents are waiting to be reunited with their children this morning at Fred Meyer in Wood Village after a shooting at Reynolds High School. The shooter and one other unidentified victim is dead. Video showed the first buses arriving at the parking lot. It could take hours to reunite students with parents, officials said.

10:00 a.m.

Parents and family members gather at the Cherry Park Safeway.

Parents and family members gather at the Cherry Park Safeway.

John Rosman/OPB

Officials say that a shooter entered Reynolds High School in Troutdale this morning and shot a student. Both are dead. 

“It’s been a very tragic day,” Reynolds School District Superintendent Linda Florence said.“One that I hope would never be a part of my experience,” she said.

John Rosman/OPB

Lt. Steve Alexander from the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office said they are still investigating, but the situation is contained, the shooter is deceased and parents are being reunited with students.

This week was finals week for students at Reynolds.

Parents are instructed to meet their children at the Fred Meyer in Wood Village, but Alexander warned that it may take up to two hours to process each student.

Alexander answered very few questions, saying deputies are still investigating what happened this morning and making sure the school is completely evacuated.

9:20 a.m.:

A press release confirms the shooter is dead, situation is stabilized:

At 8:07 a.m. this morning, police responded to Reynolds High School on the report of shots fired at the school. Multiple agencies responded and tactical teams are currently evacuating students and staff. The situation is stabilized, the shooter is confirmed deceased. Parents are asked to reunify with their students at the Wood Village Fred Meyer located at NE 223rd and NE Glisan St. All other people are asked to stay away from the area. Hashtag will be using is #RHShooting

Media staging is at the Cherry Park Safeway parking lot in the southeast part of the lot.

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