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Robin Most-Seen Bird In Annual Ashland Count

For the third year in a row, the robin was the most-seen bird in an annual count by birdwatchers around Ashland.

More than 6,700 robins were spotted in an area with a 15-mile diameter during the Christmas Bird Count. Second was the dark-eyed junco with more than 1,800 and third was the golden-crowned sparrow with more than 700.

The Mail Tribune reports three dozen birdwatchers in nine groups tallied a total of more than 16,000 birds in 119 species.

The count is sponsored by the National Audubon Society. Results from 2,200 counts around the country are compiled at Cornell University.

Organizer John Bullock said the number of starlings around Ashland has declined — from more than 2,500 in 2011 to less than 600 in the latest count.


Information from: Mail Tribune,

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