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Romney Wins Dorchester Conference Straw Poll

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won Sunday’s Dorchester Conference straw poll, capturing 52 percent of votes cast by about 400 people.

Other 2012 presidential candidates fared as follows:

  • Rick Santorum: 26 percent
  • Newt Gingrich: 14 percent
  • Ron Paul: 6 percent
  • Barack Obama: 1 percent

“Obama got a percent? Someone voted for Obama?” someone asked. “Names. We want names.”

Coos Bay resident Jim Mann and other Republicans spoke out on issues during the Dorchester Conference.

“What’s the most important quality that we are looking for in a candidate for this presidential election? Well, quote, 21st Century philosopher Charles Sheen, “Duh. Winning,” said Brendan Monaghan, a graduate student at Portland State University.

Others spoke passionately in support of Rick Santorum, and many of the younger voters cast their ballots for Ron Paul. A few participants came to the microphones to rally behind Newt Gingrich.

Dorchester founder and former U.S. senator Bob Packwood threw his support behind Romney.

“I knew Newt and Rick very well, and what you have seen in the campaign is what you get,” Packwood said.

Bonnie Stewart / OPB
Bob Packwood, founder of the Dorchester Conference, discusses issues with Jackson County Republicans.

“Rick is very religious, very firm, but very difficult to negotiate with because he doesn’t understand making compromises in politics. Newt has got 100 ideas, but there are 97 you don’t want to ever let surface. But three are brilliant,” Packwood said.

The group also voted on options for reforming social security and reducing the federal budget deficit. Those results appear on the conference website.

Allen Alley, Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, spoke with Geoff Norcross Monday morning. To hear their conversation, click the audio icon above.

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