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Roseburg School Closed While Illness Investigated

A Roseburg elementary school remained closed through Tuesday of next week due to a mystery illness that hit more than 300 staff members and students.

The County Health Department is unsure what sickened so many people, and is investigating the outbreak.

Superintendent of Roseburg Public Schools Larry Parsons says he knew yesterday how serious things were.

He explained, “Folks were not feeling well at all. It became pretty clear at about 10:30 we needed to shut down the building. I called in the county health department to help us with our analysis. We’re looking at some sort of virus, I think the County Health Department called it a norovirus that might be the cause of it.”

Parsons says no connection was found between food served in the cafeteria and the illness. The County Health Department is reaching out to parents with sick children to get samples for the department to analyze.

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