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Rudy Crew Proposes New Education Programs, Funding Shift

Oregon’s top education board considered a proposal Tuesday to shift how education is funded. The board is taking the proposal to meetings around the state this month.

Rudy Crew

Rudy Crew

April Baer/OPB

Chief Education Officer Rudy Crew shared four budget objectives with the Education Investment Board.

First, he wants to fund up to six regional centers to focus on teacher preparation and professional development.

Second, he wants to launch a program called “Oregon Reads” aimed at improving literacy. A third objective is to better connect families to schools.

Last, Crew wants the state to look at what follows high school graduation and college. Crew says, “It’s about the world after that — and the fact that you get a seat at the global table by virtue of how you actually have learned, and been exposed to a set of skills.”

The budget proposal suggests changing how school districts are funded for special education, for students who don’t speak English at home, and for other underserved populations. The investment board also looked into spending millions to create a student information system from early childhood through college.

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