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Salem Considering A New Bridge Over The Willamette

The Salem City Council is holding a public hearing Monday on a proposed third bridge across the Willamette River. City councilors want to scale it down.

Authorities have been talking about a third bridge across the Willamette in Salem since 2006. 

A draft environmental impact statement was submitted last year. But concerns about the size of the preferred alternative have the city suggesting some changes. 

Transportation manager, Julie Warncke says the city is looking at: minimizing surface street modifications; reducing the number of piers in the river’s channel; and changing the design of ramps — to minimize the impact to the commercial district along Edgewater Street.

“Monday is a continuation of the public hearing to get comments from people on these proposed changes. Do they meet the needs of the citizens in reducing impacts?”

Councilors may or may not close the hearing Monday. But when they do, they’ll vote and then send their views to all regional partners in the area.

Depending on the process and the funding, bridge construction could start in 2018.

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