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Sam Adams To Lead Portland City Club

Former Portland Mayor Sam Adams has accepted a new job.  Adams will run a civic organization, the City Club of Portland.

Rob Manning/OPB

Adams goes from supervising 6,000 city employees to being part of a staff of four at the City Club. The nearly 100-year-old club is best known for its Friday Forums, broadcast on OPB, and its civic-oriented research.

Adams says he wants the City Club to play a critical public service in an era of media and government cutbacks: “How can we ramp up our efforts to make sure that solid fact-based information is out there, and that people engage in it, and know about it?”

Adams says it’s not the director’s role to guide research. Volunteer-led committees do that. But he could influence Friday Forum programs.

Adams has been a City Club member for a long time, but that’s not his only connection. Before Adams was chief of staff to former Mayor Vera Katz, her activism helped push the organization to accept women. Adams says the 40th anniversary of the club’s acceptance of women is coming this year – a moment he wants the club to celebrate.

Sam Adams

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