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Ore. Same-Sex Marriage Supporters Eye 2014 Ballot

Supporters of same sex marriage in Oregon said Wednesday that the success of gay marriage votes in several states this election gives them hope for a future Oregon ballot measure.

Jeana Frazzini of Basic Rights Oregon told OPB’s Think Out Loud that they’re getting their ducks in a row for 2014.

“We now have nine states and Washington, D.C., where courts, legislators and — finally — voters, have affirmed the freedom to marry,” she said. “We still have work to do, there’s nearly 30 states with constitutional amendments like the one we have in Oregon. And now it’s our time to lead, we’re ready to be the first to overturn a constitutional amendment at the ballot. And 2014 is our first opportunity to do that. We’re ready to go.”

Oregon voters passed a constitutional amendment in 2004 defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Tuesday, voters supported same sex marriage in Maine and Maryland. They also said no to an anti-gay marriage amendment in Minnesota.

In Washington state, supporters of same sex marriage Referendum 74 are claiming victory.

Opponent Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage issued a statement saying the results reflect the political and funding advantage of gay marriage supporters.

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