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Savor The Flavor Of Seaside

As I have said before, our region is culinarily blessed with a variety of delicious and diverse eating choices.

Though I have not had the opportunity to sample the offerings of every restaurant in Seaside in my brief tenure as The Mouth, I am happy to make a few suggestions that will please locals and visitors alike.

For a great steak…

Bigfoot’s Steakhouse is a themed restaurant with flavor as big as the seven-foot Yeti who guards the entrance. Known for its many cuts of meat as well as its prime rib, Bigfoot’s consistently serves mouth-watering, juicy steak in a casual, fun atmosphere. And don’t write-off the side dishes, either: They’re not an after thought. The garlic smashed potatoes are delectable,

While here, be sure to also sample the appetizer platter, featuring chicken wings, deep-fried mushrooms and “snowshoes” – hearty potato skins with taco-spiced beef and cheese. And don’t miss the strawberry cake for dessert.

Diners can also enjoy spectacular, friendly service and a full bar, perfect for game days. Bring an appetite as big as … well, you-know-who.

For classic fish and chips…

The Pig ’N Pancake has been serving up its trademark 35 varieties of breakfast, as well as steaks, seafood and classic American fare for more than 50 years. On a busy summer Saturday you can see visitors lining the sidewalk, waiting for a table at what has become a consistently yummy, reasonably-priced community fixture.

While known primarily for its breakfast (crab and cheese omelette, Swedish pancakes or pigs-in-a-blanket, anyone?), the restaurant also features one of The Mouth’s favorite versions of classic fish-and-chips. Four generous slabs of delicate, flavorful halibut in a crunchy, pungent beer batter are served with their perfectly crisp, house-made fries and tangy tartar sauce.

Order yourself a plate, pull up a window seat and people-watch through lunch time … what an unbeatable combination!

For a tasty cup of clam chowder…

Dooger’s Seafood & Grill is another local fixture. There are as many variations on clam chowder as there are fish in the sea, but the version served by Dooger’s is right on the money.

I have no scientific evidence to back this up, but I believe the chowder may actually contain more clams than broth, and a cup literally overflows with the tender shellfish. The creamy chowder base is hearty and pleasantly spiced, and it is the perfect consistency, neither too thick nor too thin.

Order a cup or bowl of it by itself, or order the “SST Quick Lunch” (soup, salad and toast), which is a cup of chowder, a salad and garlic toast.

For a sweet tooth…

Visit The Buzz on Broadway – and be prepared to transform into a kid again. Boasting over 200 candy bins, an 18-foot chocolate counter, gourmet candied apples and fudge, and 77 varieties of salt-water taffy (including both classic flavors and exotic novelties, such as maple bacon),

The Buzz has something for even the most discerning sweet tooth. The taffy at The Buzz is handcrafted and whipped rather than pulled (the traditional preparation), meaning it’s easier to eat (and easier on your dental work). This delightful shop also includes old fashioned soda pop, as well as classic candies from bygone eras (Abba Zabba bars!).


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