Starting Wednesday, children who are not up-to-date on their vaccinations can be excluded from Oregon schools unless they have a medical or personal belief exemption.

The annual exclusion day marks the point in the school year when children without their immunizations can no longer be in the classroom. At 7 percent, Oregon has the highest rate of kindergartners with non-medical vaccine exemptions in the country.

Stacy de Assis Matthews with the Oregon Health Authority says less than 1 percent of students were kept from school in 2014 after exclusion day — the majority of parents vaccinate or seek an exemption.  Last school year, “5,227 students were excluded on exclusion day, and that’s out of over 660,000 kids in Oregon who are covered by our school and childcare immunization laws,” Matthews said.

State legislators have taken note of Oregon’s high exemption rate, which exceeds 70 percent at some schools. The Senate Health Care Committee will meet Wednesday to consider a bill that would put an end to all non-medical vaccine exemptions.

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