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Schrader Criticized For Effort To Add Logging Plan To Farm Bill

Congressman Kurt Schrader tried and failed Wednesday evening to add a logging plan for western Oregon forests to the federal farm bill.

Rep. Kurt Schrader, official portrait.

Months ago, several Oregon congressmen proposed turning 1.5 million acres of Bureau of Land Management forests into a logging-focused trust. That’s now at the heart of Schrader’s amendment.

Oregon Wild conservation director, Steve Pedery, was critical of the original trust, even though it set aside new protected areas. He likes Schrader’s new version even less.

“What we understand Congressman Schrader to be doing now is pushing through legislation that drops any of those protective elements – for wilderness and wild and scenic rivers – and is strictly a logging bill,” Pedery said.

Ann Forest-Burns, with the timber group American Forest Resource Council, said the farm bill isn’t the right way to create new protected areas like wilderness, wild and scenic rivers, and monuments’ designations.

Those should come later under other legislation, she said.

Schrader’s amendment was ruled out of order in committee.

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