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Seafood Plant Fire Huge Setback For Warrenton

Investigators continue to examine the wreckage from the massive fire that destroyed Pacific Seafood’s Warrenton facility Tuesday.

Daily Astorian

The company is making a plan for the 130 people employed at the plant. A spokeswoman says an announcement will be made Thursday about where employees and products will be directed for the immediate future.

Warrenton Mayor Mark Kujala says it’s hard to overestimate the extent of the damage.

“Well, it’s just devastating. We’re a fishing community we have a fleet that primarily delivers to Pacific Seafood. It’s not just the hundred-thirty, two-hundred  employees, it’s the fishermen, it’s the businesses that are around the marina and around the city that are going to be impacted by this.

Kujala says details are scarce, but he believes the company intends to rebuild in Warrenton. The site is at the mouth of the Columbia, offering prime access to commercial boats.

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